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Disc golf is open!
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Disc golf

Disc golf is an active game that requires accuracy and good eye to hit a flying dish into one of the 18 forest tracks baskets.

In Riekstukalns you can play with your own disks as we don't have any rent available

The price for one play set is 5 €. You can pay in cash in Riekstukalns or buy the ticket online here.

Have a great play!


Observation tower

In the summer of 2018 an observation tower was opened in the newest part of Riekstukalns. It is 16 m high and is accessible to residents and tourists free of charge.

From the tower there is a charming view of the gorgeous nature of Latvia, as well as the capital city of Riga and its tallest buildings.

Coordinates - LAT: 56.77502  LON 24.401669

Adventure park “Kokos Rieksts”

"Kokos rieksts" is an obstacle track divided into 5 separate sections in which the highest point reaches up to 15m from the ground. The tracks have different levels of complexity - a great opportunity to check your physical strenght while walking through the tree peaks.

The safety system used to navigate the obstacle tracks is a high-quality carabines operating in a synchronized mechanism - the CliC-iT which is made in France can not be unlocked at the same time if one is in use but the other is not, thus avoiding the number of accidents and improving the safety while staying in the track.

It's suitable for everyone, children must be at least 1m of heights. If they are smaller but still want to go on the obstacle track, they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Track description:


Yellow track: “Zemesrieksts”
Height restriction: from 100 cm
Number of obstacles: 12
Avarage height from the ground: 3 m

Green track “Lazdu rieksts”
Height restriction: from 100 cm
Number of obstacles: 13
Avarage height from the ground:  2.5 m

Blue track “Pekanrieksts”
Height restriction: from 120 cm
Number of obstacles: 13
Avarage height from the ground: 6 m

Red track “Valrieksts”
Height restriction: from 145 cm
Number of obstacles: 16
Avarage height from the ground:  8  m

Black track “Cietais rieksts”
Height restriction: from 160 cm
Number of obstacles: 15
Avarage height from the ground: 12 m

Zip line

The Zip Line is a 650-meter runway on a rope between the trees, moving from one platform to another. It is divided into 8 stages and the maximum reach of speed is 30km / h while being 16m above the ground!

Squirrels Village

"Squirrels Village" is a great playground for the smallest visitors to swing, jump, climb, crawl and have fun in.

The attraction is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old.

Giant swing

Exciting swinging is possible not only at Easter - in Riekstukalns you can catch adrenaline by swinging in the Giant swing.


Quadbikes are suitable for the smalles speed lovers - they can speed up to 40 km/h! Specially designed 260-m track is allow for children from 6 years of age and up to 60 kg.

Bungee jumping trampoline

A fun attraction for both children and adults - a chance to make tricks and feel the gravity.


Race with friends or family members who will be the first to reach the finish line by slipping down a specially crafted artificial track.