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Riekstukalns lankytojus laukia gegužės 4, 5 ir 6 dienomis

Already at the beginning of May, Riekstukalns summer attractions will start their work and await visitors!


On May 4th, 5th and 6th we will work from 10:00 to 20:00....


Mėgaukitės vasarą Riekstukalns!

Very soon, in May, Riekstukalns summer attractions will be available to visitors!

This summer we will be pleased with a number of new attractions, complementing the range of existing ones.

We will update the opening date and working hours at the beginning of May...


2018/2019 Metinis žiemos sezonas baigtas!

We would like to announce that winter season 2018/2019 is over!

The season has been long and rich with snow, which delighted everyone and gave an opportunity to ski and snowboard in Riekstukalns.

Thanks to all visitors of the mountain for making a positive and full of power atmosphere! ....


Riekstukalns yra uždarytas neribotam laikui

Starting Monday, 4th of March, Riekstukalns is closed for an indefinite period of time!

If weather forecasts improves, perhaps the mountain will resume its activity the next weekend, but we'll report it in a separate post.

Follow the news on the FB and the website.


Darbo valandų pokyčiai šių švenčių metu!

The weather is perfect for spending the day on the mountain!

Take a break and visit Riekstukalns during this weekend, but with some changes in working hours: .....


Kainų kritimas Riekstukalns!

From 1st of March, the 'low season' begins its work - come to the mountain and buy the ski lift tickets for very attractive prices!

All tracks, except for Cross-country skiing, are working and all offered services will be available.

See you at Riekstukalns!