Riekstukalns is located close to Riga and offers wide range of trails. They will be suitable not only of a beginner or a lover of slow peaceful ride but also of an experienced skier or snowboarder. Have a look at our offers here at Riekstukalns and choose what’s best for you!


The Main Trail is for very fast riders. Throughout the trail you’ll find steep slopes alternating with flatter sections, which together will give you a pleasant illusion of flying. To get to the trail, you can use the 1st, 2nd or 3rd ski lift.


This is the sportiest of all our trails. It is just perfect for those who love really fast ride and feel confident about their skills. The steep upper section of the trail ensures good start for a breath taking downhill ride.


This is one of the most exciting trails at Riekstukalns. Mostly it is suitable for those who like to add a little adventure to their skiing and snowboarding experiences. It is complemented with jumps and turns and depending on the speed each time you will get different experience.

In this slope be careful – there must be 30 meter distance between you and a rider before you!


There are two choices in this trail: You can choose to ride slowly and smoothly down a 350-meter long trail, which will require some effort only in the upper section, but if you want some adrenalin on the right side of the slope you can also do some jumps.


This trail is for those who feel that the Beginner Trail has become too easy for them. The Hobby Trail has several steeper sections which are perfect for everyone trying to improve their skiing or snowboarding skills.


This trail is great for learning skiing and snowboarding. Our Beginner Trail is sufficiently smooth, which makes the speed just right for beginners, and it is also long enough for the beginner to learn something new with each time. It takes time learning how to use ski lift, therefore ski-lift for this trail is slower than the other. It is important that your first attempt at skiing or snowboarding is not only technically right but also satisfying! If there is no one to teach you the basics of skiing or snowboarding, our instructors will be happy to assist.


Craziest snowboarders will enjoy our snowpark with two rows of ramps for high and super high jumps, several hips and all kinds of fun jibs. See Snowpark Rules here!


If you don’t really feel like skiing or snowboarding, this is the right place to go down the hill on a traditional toboggan, a saucer, or any other thing you can sit on. The only thing is that you will have to go up the hill on foot.

Sledding Hill is loved by both kids and grown-ups therefore the older ones should be very cautious and follow the signs and security during the ride. We have assured that your trip will end softly and painlessly even if you don’t manage to brake on time.


The Tunnel trail is one of the 2013./2014. seasons new trails. The trail is like a connection between the 'old' Riekstukalns trails and pass through a tunnel under the road to the new part. Here it is important to follow all directions and signs so the pass through the tunnel is safe.


Riekstukalns Trail is the second of the new trails, which will be open on season 2013./2014. This route connects the new part of the trails with the 'old' part of Riekstukalns and ends in the tunnel. Wide, with a pleasant fall a bit steeper at the top end flattened at the end to make it easier to control the speed and safely get through the tunnel.


The Arc Trail is a novelty of the 2014-15 season, and it offers an even terrain in the length of 250 m. The top part of the trail is slightly steeper that ensures a good run-up and further down descends into a flat fall. For those who love peaceful and flat runs, the Arc Trail will be the right choice to enjoy the leisure sports activities. The crest of the new hill of Riekstukalns opens a fantastic and unique view to Riga! The most convenient access to the Arc Trail is by ski-lift No. 14.


The Steep Trail is a novelty of the 2014-15 season, and it runs off the new crest of Riekstukalns and offers the fastest and sharpest runs at Riekstukalns. This trail is suitable for confident and experienced skiers and snowboarders who love the thrill of adrenaline and extreme sensations. The Steep Trail is accessible by ski-lift No. 15.


One of the new trails of the 2014-15 season which is opened in the new part of Riekstukalns. This trail is suitable for both fast and more tranquil runs. One of the widest and most interesting trails of Riekstukalns that combines different terrains including steeper sections, undulating terrain, as well as flat and even parts of the slope. To get to the crest of the hill, please use ski-lift No. 16.