Cross-country skiing

In the season 2010 – 2011 we created cross country skiing run which was well appreciated by famous sportsman. It goes thought the coniferous forest and fields next to it with uneven relief and flat lifts from 25 up to 60 meters. Considering skiers physical readiness it is possible to choose between several rounds:

  • Beginners round - 300 m
  • Lighted trail - 1650 m
  • Trail with artificial snow - 1850 m
  • Trail with natural snow - 5000 m

To make the cross country skiing run more appealing to advanced skiers there is light during the dark hours of the day. Besides we have purchased special tractor to flatten the surface for skate skiing and make the tracks for classic style skiing. In the equipment rent we also offer equipment for cross country skiing both classic and skate skiing styles. We offer more than 50 pairs of FISCHER skies (177 – 202 cm lengths) and boots (sized 37 – 47).