Possibly open again on December 25


We have made a decision to open again on December 25, starting from 12.00 after all the Christmas present are received and long family holidays have started! Who knows maybe Santa will bring you Riekstukalns gift card or new skis :) BUT!!!! It depends from the weather forecast! Please check news here in website before coming!

Riekstukalns Gift Cards

If you agree that the time well spent is a great present, then that is exactly the kind of present we can provide you with. While winter season hasn't started yet, please write an e-mail to ieva@riekstukalns.lv and arrange the best way to get the gift card.

Have a cool party and see you on the mountain!

Very important information for foreign skiers!

We are very happy and delighted that you like Riekstukalns and there are so many of you!

But unfortunately there have been some skiing equipment thefts and attempts to do so. According to this we are forced to announce that from now equipment rental will require your passport or drivers licence. Cards of identification will no longer be accepted.

This practice will be applicable particulary to clients with no positive prior cooperation.

We are sorry for the inconvenience to all our fair and long-term clients!